"She is one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loves her for it." - Atticus

My favorite word is love. I have a fierce love for life, a love which frees my spirit to roam wild , exploring places I've never been before, meeting people I've never met before and sharing the love in my heart with everything and everyone along the way. Yes I'm a sweetheart, but I would be lying if I said a little fire does not accompany that sweetness! Actually, maybe a lot more than just a little!
I'm sure you know by now that my heritage stems from the majestic West Africa where I was born and raised. I migrated from my home country to the United States in the early 2010s and Reanna emerged a few years ago in Miami, Florida. Today, I reside in Dallas Texas although I frequently travel to various cities.
 I like to cause good trouble; to be honest, it excites every part of me to please and tease. I like to test your resolve, see how long you can keep your hands off me from the moment you set your eyes on me....

I'm a woman of many talents, well-versed, well-traveled, well-educated, well-mannered and a great conversationalist; A modern woman with renaissance values, a good bad girl, duality in perfect harmony. 

My presence commands attention when I walk into a room; turns out beauty, confidence and a great sense of style are quite the combo! Beneath the outward lies the wit, intelligence and daringness of an all together remarkable young woman.
The lover's touch you ache for and the soft adoring kisses you desire rest with me and are immeasurably yours when you're with me, no holding back. In our moment, you're mine and I'm yours.